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McGill + Partners, Lloyds Building London

Office Relocation

After receiving a £170m investment, McGill + Parnters relocated into the beating heart of the insurance world, and none other than the Lloyd's building. Their new office required a full IT fit out.


Partnered with our procurement arm, the bespoke fit out, included installing a full server rack, switches and firewalls. Wireless Access Points were also installed around the workable area in order to deliver a secure and reliable network across the office. Patching and Cabling networks requires precision and skill, an attribute proudly held by our Consultants and Support staff.

More personalised equipment, including high end monitors, docking stations and laptops, were configured for Executives of McGill + Partners, allowing them to connect to Networks and work freely, without the worry of being held down by old or ill-configured equipment.

Remus IT offer a 'turn key' process. This means that working unsociable hours, and convenient times for Clientele, We have an extensive knowledge of ensuring relocation and expansion consists of minimal to no downtime across the company. Cabling all desk spaces and ensuring the space shows little to no wiring. This means that clients are able to log on and work in their new space without the worries of overcrowding wires

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